Withings’ ScanWatch is finally coming to the US after FDA clearance

Withings’ ScanWatch has received FDA clearance, paving the way for it to be sold in the US starting in November, the company announced. The watches, available in regular and diver-style Horizon versions, have simultaneously been cleared to take electrocardiogram (ECG) and SpO2 (oxygen saturation) readings, in health and medical settings.

The original ScanWatch has been available in Europe since it came out a year ago, but FDA clearance has taken much longer. Both models use ECG readings to check for atrial fibrillation (heartbeat irregularities), and you can even download the results and mail them to your doctor as a PDF. If it notices any irregular heartbeats, it will advise you to take an ECG test. 

Withings' hybrid ScanWatch is set to arrive in the US next month


We found the ScanWatch to be the best hybrid smartwatch out there, offering a traditional analog watch look and a small PMOLED display to display activities, heartrate, ECG, SpO2 and more. As with Withings’ scales and other health devices, it works with the company’s Health Mate app. 

Sales will commence in early November 2021, with prices starting at $279 for the original ScanWatch 38mm model. The Rose Gold and Horizon versions will will be available in early 2022 priced from $299 and $499 respectively.

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