Why Buy Bitcoin? With Andy Edstrom

Location: Remotely
Date: Tuesday 12th January
Company: Swan Bitcoin
Head of Institutional Investment

Why buy bitcoin is a complicated question to answer. Bitcoin is many different things to different people. It is a censorship-resistant form of payment for those living under authoritarian regimes; for some, it is a hedge against inflation, while it is purely speculative for many others.

Even with Bitcoin adoption growing and maturing, the public perception of Bitcoin is still mixed. The mainstream media is somewhat to blame. It regularly pedals false narratives such as the funding of terrorism or Bitcoin being for drug dealers and network security that is melting the polar icecaps. As Bitcoiners we are used to dealing with this kind of FUD, Bitcoin has been declared dead hundreds of times, yet it continually bounces back.

So, why buy Bitcoin?

In this interview, I talk to Andy Edstrom, author of Why Buy Bitcoin. We discuss his investment thesis for Bitcoin, why Bitcoin continues to thrive and address the common misconceptions and FUD surrounding it.