Where to buy Splinterlands token: SPS coin surges 100%

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Splinterlands is one of today’s top trending cryptocurrencies, experiencing a 100% price surge to $0.83 and a trading volume increase of 240% to a shade under $84 million. These metrics have captured the attention of investors and traders across the crypto space, leading them to seek further information about the project and its potential as an investment.

That’s where this article comes in; we have answered all of the key questions regarding Splinterlands including what it is, how it works, and what the future may hold for it. In addition, our analysts have provided their Splinterlands price forecast so you can get an idea of just how much growth potential is on offer.

Before you cover any of the main details, check out the section directly below if you want to buy SPS tokens immediately. Our analysts have reviewed all of the top crypto trading and investing platforms, and they regard the two below as the best places to buy Splinterlands coin right now.

How & where to buy Splinterlands crypto token online

To buy SPS coin quickly, easily and affordably, click on one of the links below to be redirected to one of the best platforms to buy, sell and trade Splinterlands tokens. Then, fill out some basic information, validate your account, and fund it from an accepted source. Once this is all done, search for SPS in the interface and choose how many coins you want to buy. Finally, you can execute your transaction.

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What is Splinterlands?

It is a cryptocurrency project, and SPS (also referred to as Splintershards) is its native governance token.

More specifically, it markets itself as the ‘next generation of collectible card games,’ leveraging NFT and blockchain technology to allow users to collect, trade and battle.

SPS is used for a wide variety of utilities, such as staking, governance voting, DAO-funded venture, in-game proposals, play-to-earn and liquidity pool incentives, access to special in-game promotions, access to tournament events and oracle node rewards.

The in-game cards have 4 rarities, 7 stats, 7 factions, over 46 ability and there are more than 283 cards. This variety could give the platform the longevity it needs to secure stable price accretion for SPS tokens.

The blockchain-based gaming narrative has been extremely hot in recent months, with platforms like Axie InfinityMy Defi PetBinamon, and Wall Street Games all garnering attention and securing price accretion for their native tokens. Now, Splinterlands appears primed to ride the wave of momentum to new highs.

Should I buy Splinterlands coin?

If you want to play the online game, or if you just want to speculate on the platform’s future success, buying tokens now could be a good way to gain exposure to the price of SPS tokens.

Just make sure you have conducted due diligence and are cognisant of the risks of investing before throwing your hat into the ring. In addition, be wary of the fact that cryptocurrencies and digital assets, in general, are often volatile, so extra care and attention should be afforded to all investment decisions pertaining to them.

Splinterlands price prediction 2021

Our SPS coin price prediction is as follows: $1.16 by the end of this year, $1.35 in 2022, and up to $2.80 within 5 years.

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