Waze and Headspace team up to make driving less stressful

Waze has partnered with Mindspace in the hopes of making your commutes a little more pleasant. The Drive with Headspace experience includes five additional moods — Aware, Bright, Hopeful, Joyful and Open — and the option to change the in-app car icon to a relaxing hot air balloon. You can also listen to a dedicated Spotify playlist, which features music and content from Headspace, through the Waze Audio Player.

If you use the Headspace theme, the company’s mindfulness teacher and director of meditation Eve Lewis Prieto will read the driving directions. Waze’s Headspace features are available for a limited time starting today in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. You can switch on the experience by tapping the Drive with Headspace banner in My Waze. It might prove a bit more relaxing than the recent Halo and PAW Patrol experiences.

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