Uncensored Bitcoin Narratives with Junseth

Location: Zoom
Date: Thursday, 9th April
Project: Junseth’s World
Role: Host

Junseth was the co-host of the hugely popular Bitcoin Uncensored, but in 2017 he and co-host Chris DeRose parted ways.

One thing that made Bitcoin Uncensored both popular but also divisive was their ability to cut through the noise and call out ideas or bullshit in the crypto industry. Their interview with Perianne Boring is still one of the greatest podcasts in the world of “blockchain”.

There are so many topics that I have been wrestling with recently, from the politicisation and government response to the coronavirus pandemic to the very radical Bitcoin narratives offered by some of the most vocal and well known Bitcoiners.

In this bonus episode, I am joined by Junseth the former co-host of Bitcoin Uncensored and host of Junseth’s world. We discuss coronavirus, the politicisation of the pandemic and the economic impact, libertarianism, modern art and Bitcoin narratives.