This revolutionary weight loss program is backed by psychology

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Weight loss programs and fads are common to the point of obscuring resources that can actually assist with healthy living. Noom is a program that focuses on lifestyle changes using psychology-based, research-backed methods of self-improvement, and right now it costs just 50 cents for a seven-day trial.

What is Noom?

Noom is a program that helps an individual make positive changes leading toward a more healthy mode of living. Noom uses the accessibility of technology and the empathy and personal touch of human mentors to encourage sustainable change. Individuals who gained back the weight they lost using other programs have found a supportive and productive home with Noom.

Noom provides professionals trained in cognitive behavior therapy to guide users working toward their health goals. A combination of human support and technology make Noom a personalized experience informed by psychology and made accessible through technology.

Each step of the Noom process is customized to the individual user, from the entrance survey that learns each user’s body, goals and habits through personalized mentoring and guidance.

How Noom Works

Noom is founded on principles of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which focuses on treatment that addresses the patterns of thinking or behavior underlying unhealthy or unsustainable habits. Users will gain a better understanding of themselves so they can make positive, lasting changes.

Noom users see the hurdles of their health journey validated by the service’s health mentors, who help users understand their personal barriers, and where they can make changes. Members will be shown how to lose weight and retain their new fitness through hard work, accountability and cognitive training.

Users can avail themselves of human support that holds users accountable to the goals they’ve set. You’ll also have handy a slew of useful resources that will help with the practical side of your health journey, including an extensive food database with over 400,000 items and no “off-limits” food, a useful AI for additional support, and the convenience of having everything accessible right from your phone.

What you will experience with Noom?

After completing a short intake survey that gathers necessary health information, including current weight and health goals, users are paired with a goal specialist. Noom coaches are educated on best practices for holistic, healthy growth, and they all have an associates degree or higher, are certified in at least one of several health fields, or have a minimum of 2,000 hours of work experience in the field. 

The method by which Noom helps users achieve that goal is by focusing on global growth, both mental and physical. Users are mentored by trained coaches, who are well-versed in physical and mental health and who hold users accountable.

A seven-day trial of Noom is currently on sale for just 50 cents.