This app reads your work to you and improves productivity

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Even the most productive professionals get tired of staring at a screen. And between virtual meetings, remote work and everything you already had to do, there is a lot of screen to get tired of. However, even as technology made working from home manageable, it can also make it efficient. Elocance is an app that can save you time and energy by taking all your long documents and transforming them into audio files you can listen to while you work or rest. And the good news is that it’s currently 50 percent off.

If you’re trying to maximize your productivity, you don’t want to waste time reading lengthy emails. When you’re reading, it’s hard to do anything else. You can’t write a message while you’re reading one, but if you could listen to it, you could make better use of your time. Elocance can take all your documents and turn them into audio you can listen to while doing other work, and it can even allow you to multitask by listening to any e-book you’ve been wanting to read, too.

Elocance can save you time, and it can improve the work you’re already doing. People learn better when they learn through different methods, and when you work online, you’re learning almost entirely by reading information. When you work in person, it is varied, but the information is still largely visual. Elocance can help you digest everything by presenting you this information in a new, memorable way.

Rather than wasting your time by making you continuously add new things to convert to audio, you can make and label playlists for Elocance to read to you. If you know you have 15 emails to read, you can listen to them while you respond to someone else.

All you need for Elocance is something to read, and maybe the right earbuds, and you’ll be able to condense the amount of work you do in any given time, or even make your down-time a productive part of your day. Your breaks can be as fruitful as your work without giving up any of the pleasure they offer.

Elocance is a way for you to maximize your productivity by transforming one time-consuming task into something you can do passively. Normally costing $86.99 for a one-year subscription, you can get Elocance for 50 percent off if you use the coupon code ELO#2@21. Listen to your work and see how much more you can do.