This $79 smartwatch is actually a metronome for musicians

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There are myriad tools musicians that can use to improve their timing and rhythm, a popular one being a metronome. This gadget creates a timed clicking noise that helps you stay on beat, but if you aren’t in tune with the music, the audio cues may just end up being distracting. Not to mention, setting up this equipment can be time consuming if all you want to do is to pick up and play. The Soundbrenner Smart Watch for Musicians simplifies that experience into an unobtrusive wearable, and it’s on sale for $80 if you use the code PULSE20 to get $20 off.

The Soundbrenner has multiple functions that musicians will find a convenient change from their regular setup. This wearable metronome produces vibrations that are seven times stronger than the average smartphone so you can feel the beat as you play.

It’s completely silent, so . you won’t be distracted by the clicks, startup sounds or annoying repeated noises that a standard metronome creates. Alternatively, if you and your band are practicing with the gain turned up, you also won’t have to worry about identifying the audio cues amidst your blaring music. One customer says: “As a progressive musician, I find this very useful while practicing complex time signatures and improvising on the go.”

Speaking of which, the Soundbrenner app allows you to connect up to five smartwatches at once. You’ll be able to easily synchronize with the people you’re playing with, and given its wearable form factor, it can be placed on your wrist, chest, thigh, waist or anywhere else that doesn’t get in the way of your performance.

This wearable combines functionality with convenience with its sleek design and intuitive controls. You can easily adjust your tempo by turning the outer wheel, or set up a new tempo by tapping your fingers. Each function of this watch is designed for the convenience of instrumentalists who have had to use the same outdated technology to practice since they started playing music.

The Soundrenner modernizes many of the most useful features from older, obtrusive devices and places them into a wearable you can place on your wrist. You can purchase your own Soundbrenner Smart Watch for just $79 when you use coupon code PULSE20 at checkout.

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