The Sovereign Individual Pt 1 – Bitcoin: The Ultimate Offshore Bank with Robert Breedlove

Location: Remotely
Date: Sunday 7th March
Company: Independent
Role: Bitcoin Writer

The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age is a prophetic book released in 1997 by William Rees Mogg and James Dale Davidson. The book was written before the widespread adoption of the internet, social media, and Bitcoin, yet predicted a future that is remarkably close to the one we live in today, opening with the quote, “The future is disorder.”

In the book, Mogg and Davidson describe their vision of the future and how the rise of digital technology would make the world much more competitive, unequal and unstable. The pair also predicted a ‘cyber money’ that would empower the individual to splinter from the nation-state. “As cybercommerce begins, it will lead inevitably to cybermoney. This new form of money will reset the odds, reducing the capacity of the world’s nation-states to determine who becomes a Sovereign Individual”. 

In this interview, I talk to Bitcoin writer Robert Breedlove. We discuss why The Sovereign Individual is such an essential book for Bitcoiners, violence in a libertarian world, why bitcoin is a threat to the state and the ascending and descending world.