The Bitcoin Cypherpunk Box with Matt Hill & Aaron Greenspan

Location: Zoom
Date: Monday 27th July
Company: Start9 Labs
Role: CEO/Co-Founder & Co-Founder/Head of Engineering

The birth of the internet caused one of the most significant cultural shifts in human history. Global communication and information sharing has allowed for considerable advancements in society, and it is integral to the world we live in today. However, it is not all positive; the internet sucks up vast amounts of personal data which is then sold and exploited. 

There are many ways your data is used against you from targeted advertising to voter manipulation, and Tim Berners Lee, the creator of the internet, cited the loss of control of our personal data as one of his biggest concerns regarding the current state of the internet. 

By utilising encryption tools and browsers like Tor, you can still retain your privacy while using the internet, but it is not straight forward. Start9 are changing this.

In this interview, I talk to Matt and Aaron from Start9. We discuss the growing demand for a private internet, retaining control of personal data, encryption and why bitcoin is fundamental to all of this.