Studio SWEAT delivers a gym experience to your home for $99

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Working out at home saves time and money at the cost of missing out on some of the resources a gym can provide. The classes and community that your local fitness club offer are difficult to replace, but Studio SWEAT onDemand provides an interactive alternative featuring a variety of workouts and classes attended by thousands of individuals around the world. Right now, one-year Studio SWEAT onDemand memberships are on sale for $99, or $149 off.

What once drew you to a brick-and-mortar gym is now available from the comfort of your home. Studio SWEAT offers a wide catalog of workouts and classes, including indoor cycling, kickboxing, TRX, HIIT, Pilates, bootcamp strength training, barre and more. These classes are led by enthusiastic, highly trained instructors and filled with thousands of other members who are exercising remotely, creating a camaraderie you would normally find at the gym. Speaking of which, the Komrades, SSoD’s aptly named worldwide community, will give you the motivation to achieve your fitness goals.

Workouts can be streamed straight from your smart TV, PC, tablet or mobile device, which means you can decide how and where you attend class, whether it’s in your living room or the garage. This one-year membership to Studio SWEAT gives you unlimited access to all virtual and live-streamed classes, and the library is constantly updated with new workouts. You can stream your workouts while on your home equipment, join a running class while you jog through a park or remotely cycle with classmates from around the world — you don’t have to buy a new bike just for class like some memberships require.

Stream on any screen and workout from anywhere with this remote fitness experience. If you want to start working out with a community of thousands strong, then you can get one year of Studio SWEAT onDemand for $99, on sale for 60 percent off.

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