Resistance is NOT Futile with Aleks Svetski

Location: Squadcast
Date: Tuesday 3rd November
Project: Amber
Role: CEO

The sound money properties of Bitcoin attract those interested in Austrian Economics and Libertarianism; in fact, Libertarians were one of the earliest groups of people to adopt Bitcoin and truly understand its importance and value.

Since I’ve gone down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, Libertarianism has been something that I have paid close attention to on the show. The arguments for an anarchist society are compelling; however, one thing that I have always struggled with is how an anarchist society would work and how we would transition to this from a democratic society.

In this interview, I talk to Aleks Svetski, a Libertarian who has written several articles outlining how he thinks an anarchist society would work. We discuss libertarianism, democratic v anarchist societies and the erosion of individual freedoms.