Opera’s iOS app gets a cleaner look and shorter name

Opera is marking the third anniversary of its current iOS browser by ringing in some changes. For one thing, the app is no longer called Opera Touch. It’s just Opera. The app also has a revamped look, which is immediately evident from the tweaked app icon. It’s red instead of purple.

There are new icons for the bottom bar and fast action button (which is now less opaque). Shadows have been removed from bubbles and other elements and the diagonal background is going away to deliver a neater, flatter look, according to Opera. Colors have been updated throughout the app, which retains the long-held minimalist ethos.

Opera says its iOS user base increased by over 65 percent in the 12 months to February. It claims that the rise was partly due to Apple’s decision to let users change their default browser in iOS 14. 

The redesigned iOS Opera app will hit the App Store today. Opera will roll out the update to existing users gradually.