No Escape from Bitcoin’s Gravity with Nik Bhatia

Location: Remotely
Date: Wednesday 18th November
Company: USC Marshall School of Business
Role: Adjunct Professor of Finance

After dropping to lows of ~$4000 when markets went into freefall following the coronavirus outbreak, Bitcoin has bounced back to a near to all-time high of ~$18,500.

The impact of the pandemic on the economy has been a massive increase in government borrowing and money printing. This response has highlighted the importance of scarce assets which can’t be debased. 

Gold has historically been the safe-haven asset that money flows into during times of uncertainty. However, many are now turning to Bitcoin, and it is quickly eating into gold’s market share.

In a world of fiat currencies, gold and the impending rise of central bank digital currencies, where does Bitcoin fit?

Nik Bhatia has written Layered Money a book looking into this that will be released early in 2021. We discuss his book, where Bitcoin fits in the monetary system, the history of government control over money and central bank digital currencies.