Moog’s Sound Studio bundles are modular synth starter kits

We’ve discussed before how modular synthesis is having something of a moment. But, the barrier to entry is relatively high. The affordable stuff often lacks musicality, and even if you pick up something like Moog’s semi-modular Subharmonicon, your setup can still feel incomplete. There’s all sort of accessories like mixers and cables that you need. Plus, part of the allure of modular is connecting different devices together to see how you can push the boundaries of a particular instrument.

Moog’s new Sound Studio bundles can’t fix the cost associated with modular, but they do give you everything you need to start your synth journey. There are two options to choose from but the core of each is the same. They pair a semi-modular melodic synth — either the Mother-32 or the Subharmonicon — with the semi-modular percussion synthesizer the DFAM, then flesh out the package with a two tier stand, patch cables, a cable organizer, a mixer and power hub, plus a patch book, educational materials, games and even adorable cardboard cutouts.

Moog Sound Studio


The goal here is to give someone everything they need to start their journey into synthesis. Now, they aren’t cheap. The Mother-32 bundle is $1,399 and the Subharmonicon one is $1,449. So these aren’t really for someone just starting their musical journey (unless they have a lot of disposable income). Instead these are better suited for avid hobbyist musicians who want modular synthesis to be the next chapter in their adventure.

To celebrate the Sound Studio packs, Moog is releasing a new 7-song EP as well, called Explorations in Analog Synthesis which features contributions from Julianna Barwick, Ela Minus and Dan Deacon. The EP is available for free on Soundcloud.

Moog’s Sound Studio bundles are available now from the usual Moog dealers.