Microsoft’s Bitcoin-Based Identity Tool with Daniel Buchner

Location: Zoom
Date: Thursday 28th May
Project: Microsoft
Role: Head of Decentralised Identity

Social media is omnipresent with most all of us have a Twitter, Facebook or Google account, using them every day for both personal and business. We build connections, relationships and trust through them. However, these companies implement strict controls over the content on their platforms with shadowbanning and deplatforming growing. 

The controls which they enforce on their platforms can have further-reaching consequences. As well as offering access via a standard email and password, most websites also provide the option to login via a Facebook, Twitter or Google account. If one of those services decides to deplatform you, then you could lose your account with any associated websites.

To solve this issue and improve on the nature of IDs, Microsoft has launched their Decentralised Identity program in which they offer users a decentralised personal identifier, which is under your control, using the most immutable and secure solution; Bitcoin.

In this interview, I talk to Daniel Buchner, Head of Decentralised Identity at Microsoft to discuss how a Bitcoin-based decentralised identity system works. We also talk about libertarianism, coronavirus and the protests over the death of George Floyd.