LG’s new 2021 OLED TVs will start at $1,300

LG has been releasing new information about its 2021 lineup of OLED TVs in bits and pieces ever since the Consumer Electronics Show in January, but all those press releases and presentation left out the basics before now: pricing. Today, we learned the price points of each TV in the lineup, from the new, lower-end A series to the ultrapremium G series.

This year, LG’s OLED TVs will range between $1,300 and $6,000, depending on the specific product line and screen size.

At the bottom end is the LG A1, which omits costly, mostly gaming-specific features—like 120Hz panels, variable refresh rate (VRR), and the HDMI 2.1 connection that makes those possible—to get OLEDs more accessible (and more competitive with the cheaper-to-produce LCD TV alternatives) than before. Available in 48-, 55-, 65-, and 77-inch sizes, the A1 will ship with a suggested retail price of $1,300, $1,600, $2,200, or $3,200, respectively.

The pricier C1 includes those omitted features, as well as the latest AI chip from LG, which is used to dynamically optimize the image and sound, among other things. It will be available in all the same sizes as the A1, plus one more size: 83 inches. Price points for the C1 sit at $1,500 (48 inches), $1,800 (55 inches), $2,500 (65 inches), $3,800 (77 inches), and a hefty $6,000 (83 inches).

The G1—which is sleeker and offers greater peak brightness than the C1—comes in just three sizes: 55 inches at $2,200, 65 inches at $3,000, and 77 inches at $4,500.

Model Size Price
A1 48 inches $1,300
55 inches $1,600
65 inches $2,200
77 inches $3,200
C1 48 inches $1,500
55 inches $1,800
65 inches $2,500
77 inches $3,800
83 inches $6,000
G1 55 inches $2,200
65 inches $3,000
77 inches $4,500

The various models will start shipping in April, LG has said. While the G1 has higher brightness than its predecessors, the C1 should deliver mostly the same picture quality that the CX did in 2020. New additions in the C1 include a new UI panel for tweaking game-related settings like VRR and built-in access to Google’s Stadia streaming service, among other things. However, several software features in the C1 may also come to the CX via updates.

Listing image by LG