Learn to capture and edit great pictures in Luminar for $40

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Photography is a craft that can take decades to refine. At every stage of the process, a photographer has to make decisions that will affect the quality and composition of their photos, and there’s even more to consider during post-production. The award-winning Luminar 4 Power Bundle provides resources and software that can help supplement a photographer’s work before and after the picture has been taken, and it’s on sale now for $40, an 85 percent reduction from its normal price of $270.

Included in this bundle is a course called “Photography Fundamentals Course from ThinkTapLearn” that teaches students foundational skills every photographer should know, including how to frame shots, adjust exposure and organize photos. Throughout the course’s nine lectures, users will also learn essential camera controls to get the most out of their shots.

The first tool this bundle offers is Luminar 4, a photo editing software for Windows and Mac. Luminar uses AI to make automatic edits that would normally take hours to implement, such as adding objects and animals that can enliven your image, replacing bland skies with interesting weather patterns or even placing planets and other celestial bodies where there were none.

Luminar has myriad practical effects that can fine-tune your photographs while still remaining faithful to the original image. You can alter lighting, clean up blemishes on skin or apply simple, routine adjustments that clean your photos for you. The app is easy to learn and quick to use, and it can work as a standalone editor or as a plug-in for other software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

The bundle also contains three add-ons for Luminar and one set of LUTs that can alter the color range of an image automatically. The three included add-ons include drag-and-drop images of space and storms as well as a series of filters that can add depth and mood to your photos. Meanwhile, the pack of 10 urban-inspired LUTs offer users color palettes ranging from cool to warm and simple to heavily stylized.

Start refining your photography and get The award-winning Luminar 4 Power Bundle, on sale for $40, or 85 percent off.

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