Keep your gaming laptop safe with this $32 cooling stand

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Gaming computers draw far more power than your typical office desktop, which means efficient cooling is a must. This issue is only exacerbated when you consider gaming laptops, which don’t have the capacity for large fans and liquid cooling like their desktop counterparts.

If you own a gaming notebook, an external fan is an essential tool that will protect your components from overheating during long gaming sessions. The HAVIT Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad is a highly effective external cooler made specifically for gaming machines, and it’s currently on sale for $32, or 25 percent off the listed price of $42.

The HAVIT cooling pad is an Amazon’s Choice product, and it will keep your laptop safe while also offering a host of convenient features. This stand uses three large fans with a maximum speed of over 1,000 RPM to keep your internals at a safe temperature. And, to limit distractions, the motor is nearly silent.

A single USB port is all that’s needed to power the HAVIT. Speaking of which, two USB connections can be found on the side of the stand to replace and supplement the one that’s required to power the device. It can support laptops up to 17 inches wide, so it’ll work with the majority of models on the market.

The cooling pad is equipped with a metal mesh that provides a stable surface for your laptop without restricting airflow. The stand itself is adjustable, so you can customize the height your laptop rests at for your comfort. Aesthetically, the HAVIT adds a bit of color to your mobile gaming rig with 15 different RGB sidelight effects, while the LEDs under the fans indicate the fan speed. You can control the RPM using a rotatable switch located next to the USB ports.

Looking to keep your gaming laptop chill this summer? The HAVIT Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad is on sale for $32, or $10 off.

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