Is Coronavirus a Challenge to Political Identity with Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Location: Zoom
Date: Wednesday, 1st April
Role: Speaker, Author & Educator

The coronavirus COVID-19 is an unprecedented global health crisis. There are now more than one million reported cases, the death toll continues to rise, and across the world, economies have been left decimated.

The crisis is bringing to fore many questions regarding the role of the state, challenging political identity. Conservatives are considering socialist policies; Libertarians are considering state responses and socialists are considering free markets.  

While government responses vary, different approaches to lockdowns, surveillance and contact tracing are providing live case studies on how to handle the crisis. All these approaches question the role and the reach of the state, especially as some have seized this opportunity to implement new draconian laws.

With stock markets posting their worst quarterly results in decades, central banks have slashed interest rates, offering bailouts and implementing unprecedented stimulus packages.

Did Coronavirus cause these problems or highlight hidden issues? What does a post-coronavirus world look like? And what will the role of the state be?

In this interview, I talk to Andreas M. Antonopoulos, speaker, best selling author and Bitcoin evangelist. We discuss whether Coronavirus is a challenge to political identity, the largest monetary experiment in history, bailouts and money printing.