INX: Legitimate Token or S***coin? With Alan Silbert, Jameson Lopp & Samson Mow

Location: Squadcast
Date: Monday 31st August
Company: INX, Casa, Blockstream
Role: Executive Managing Director, CTO, Chief Strategy Officer

Last week INX launched their token offering, a first of its kind,  a security token approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. 

INX is a trading platform bringing regulated and digital asset opportunities to institutions and retail investors. Their token offering allows investors to gain pro rata distributions from the companies cumulative adjusted operating cash flow. Controversially the token was launched on the Ethereum blockchain.

The project already has its detractors and critics, with the advisory board catching direct criticism with accusations of hypocrisy, specifically Jameson Lopp and Samson Mow.

While many Bitcoiners have expressed their opinions against the project, others have thrown their support behind it, believing that INX is a legitimate use of a token.

In this interview, I talk to Alan Silbert, Jameson Lopp and Samson Mow about the launch of INX. We discuss why they chose to tokenise on Ethereum, what makes something a shitcoin and the key criticisms directed towards them.