Fintech and Bitcoin with Kevin Lehtiniitty

Location: Squadcast
Date: Wednesday 14th October
Company: Prime Trust
Role: Chief Product Officer

Over the last few years, neobanks and fintech companies such as Cash App, Revolut, Venmo (amongst others) have grown hugely in popularity, with many choosing to step away from traditional banking and jump on this new wave in finance.

Neobanks offer features that you cannot access in the traditional finance world. Along with quick and more effortless transactions, many services allow you to invest in stocks, commodities and Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies), from within their apps.

So, what impact will exposing hundreds of millions of people to Bitcoin have? 

Prime Trust is one of the companies behind that help these fintech businesses operate, and in this interview, I talk to Kevin Lehtiniitty, their Chief Product Officer. We discuss financial censorship, the outdated legacy infrastructure in the US, neobanking and the role of bitcoin in the future of financial applications.