Everything we know about the $59,990 electric Cadillac Lyriq

On Wednesday, Cadillac formally revealed the production version of its next SUV. Called the Lyriq, when it goes on sale next year starting at $59,990, it will join the Hummer EV as part of General Motors’ third wave of electric vehicles (after Chevrolet’s experiments with the EV1 and Bolt EV).

If you think this vehicle looks familiar, you’re right—in August 2020, Cadillac presented a show-car version of the Lyriq, and the production version has changed very little. But, at the time, Cadillac wasn’t ready to talk technical specs. Now it is.

Propulsion to the rear wheels is provided by one of GM’s Ultium Drive motors that will appear in more than 20 new EVs in the coming few years. That electric motor endows the Lyriq with 225 kW (340 hp) and 440 Nm (325 lb-ft), which should mean the 2,545 kg (5,610 lb) SUV will be appropriately quick as opposed to face-meltingly fast.

The Lyriq is built around one of GM’s new Ultium battery packs. It’s a much more reasonable size than the Hummer EV, with 12 modules (instead of 24) and a total capacity of 100 kWh running at 400 V. That will provide the Lyriq with at least 300 miles (483 km) of range, according to Cadillac, although an official rating from the US Environmental Protection Agency isn’t due until closer to the Lyriq’s arrival in showrooms in the first half of next year.

The Lyriq will DC fast-charge at up to 190 kW, which Cadillac says will add 76 miles (122 km) of range in 10 minutes, or 195 miles (313 km) in 30 minutes. Charging at home via 240 V AC power adds 31 miles (50 km) of range per hour at 11.5 kW, and Cadillac will also sell a 19.2 kW, 100 A, 240 V AC home charger that can add 52 miles (84 km) an hour.

Like the exterior, the Lyriq’s interior is also near-unchanged from 2020’s show car, complete with a 33-inch display. Cadillac told us the main differences are a rear bench seat that can fit three, rather than two, and the fact that the show car only had a single cupholder in the center console compared to two for the production version.

The Lyriq goes into production in Tennessee in the first quarter of 2022, and Cadillac says it will start accepting reservations this September.

Listing image by Cadillac