Don-key Is Gearing Up To Launch It’s Yield Farming App, the yield farming social network, has recently raised $2.2 million in a strategic funding round led by macro investors. They include Black Edge Capital, AU21. Genesis Block Ventures, Spark Digital, Solidity Ventures, MoonWhale, MarketAcross, and Morningstar Ventures.

Designed for both the retail and institutional market, Don-key enables global yield farmers to enjoy a seamless, gamified crypto-asset management experience. The offering caters to investors who are looking for ways to passively earn on the crypto assets they want to hold long-term. 

Don-Key aims to become the eToro of yield farming by reducing entry barriers for both yield farmers and liquidity providers. Its automated platform allows DeFi farmers and traders to get access to the best DeFi farmer’s strategy and simply mimic their trades in a completely automatic manner.

As such, Don-Key solves the pain points of this industry, including for those who don’t master the skills to create their own yield farming strategies or know how to allocate their crypto assets. Other Defi farmers and traders simply don’t have the time to follow every single market development as being a successful farmer is a full-time job on its own. The platform will offer a frictionless way to pool their liquidity by copying the strategies of experienced traders. 

The service allows investors to easily route their funds to a select portfolio of the best yield farming strategies. For masters, is an opportunity to earn by onboarding subscribers and getting profit out of their copied Defi deals.

Copying portfolios of experienced yield farmers can be also an educational tool for people who wish to learn the concept of earning crypto rewards by lending their digital assets through smart contracts.

In an industry that presents users with a high barrier-to-entry, the platform also helps in splitting the gas fees between community members and using the risk-assessment tools to distribute their liquidity.

Gil Shpirman, Co-Founder and CEO of Don-Key said: “We are very excited to see our vision come to life, I think that what is so special about our project is that every one that is working on it, is also going to be a future user once we launch. That’s not something you see on every project, and I think it says a lot of what we are trying to build here.”

Shpirman added that the fundraise is further proof that institutions are taking a good hard look at their investment strategy and paying attention to the booming Defi world

Don-Key, while serving as a gateway for users to benefit from high-interest crypto yields, also keeps their funds secure and protected. 

“We are excited to be partnering with Don-Key to bring social trading to DeFi. The growth of the DeFI industry has been breathtaking, but the experience is still difficult for many new users. Don-Key addresses this with customizable strategies and ‘copy farming’ make the decision making simpler for the common user. We look forward to developing the product and growing the feature set with them,” added Leslie T, cofounder and partner at GBV.

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