Collect and battle NFT monsters with new and exciting play-to-earn game


While the trading cards you remember from your childhood aren’t popular anymore and aren’t going to be, the concept of trading cards is returning to the limelight – in the form of NFTs. There’s a new play to earn game on the market now – the blockchain-based Block Monsters, which encourages older gamers to revisit the trading card games of their childhood.

Players collect and trade Blockmons

Block Monsters provides the option of collecting and exchanging unusual NFTs as well as the ability to battle monsters in the game’s Fight Engine. This is an effort to bring the bittersweet nostalgia back. In this game, players are invited to collect and trade “Blockmons,” NFT-based creatures.

They can make money playing by unlocking rewards in the dashboard after reaching different milestones. You can exchange rewards for an amount in the currency of your choice.

Preparation for Booster pack launch underway  

Recently, the game launched starter packs and an NFT demo. Its developers are preparing to launch more Booster packs, making it possible for players to earn tokens. Booster packs were sold in one series previously. The first packs, currently worth as much as $20,000, sold out in seven minutes.

The second drop will contain 10,000 NFTs. The game’s official site will have them on Oct 15 starting at 7 pm CET.

Focus on community

Block Monsters is a community-driven game. The project team states:

We are super excited about the future; we know it is just the beginning with such an ambitious roadmap ahead. The full potential will be set free once the Play 2 Earn mechanism launches in November, and players can earn real money with our project.

Trade NFTs for real money on the marketplace

In line with the classic trading card concept, players are invited to collect all 150 Blockmons in the first generation of the Blockmonster Universe. Then, they can rank on the leaderboard or trade them for real money on the dedicated marketplace. The best players can win important battles against others or collect more interesting and exclusive creatures.  

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