Bitcoin v The Banks with Simon Dixon & Bill Barhydt

Location: Remotely
Date: Tuesday 13th April
Company: BankToTheFuture, Abra
Role: Co-Founder, CEO

The banking system is a regulated Ponzi scheme driven by leverage and debt with onerous rules and powerful gatekeepers. When you are in the system, you are a slave to it, and worse still, the banks can freeze your payments and shut down your accounts.

Simon Dixon envisions a future where we aren’t beholden to deputized authoritarian institutions to move and store our money; he thinks we can achieve it by plugging decentralized and centralized systems together. And Bill Barhydt is helping build that future.

While Bitcoin is a savings based economy that may help rid us from a world drowning in debt, there are still questions about how people with one foot in the old system, and another foot in the future, will make the transition while maintaining their privacy. While many promising solutions are in development, it’s not clear exactly how we will be borrowing, transacting, and securing our wealth.

In this interview, I talk to Simon Dixon, the Co-Founder of BankToTheFuture and Abra CEO Bill Barhydt. We discuss the legacy banking system, the fight for privacy, and the future of banking in a bitcoin world.