Bitcoin Rehab: BitcoinTINA Yells at Everyone with American HODL & BitcoinTINA

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Date: Sunday 11th April
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With bitcoin currently sat at ~$60,000 and looking likely to break its previous all-time highs, the bull market is in full swing. After a massive end to 2020 with no signs of slowing, analysts predict anything from $100k to $300k+ in 2021. Are we still in the early stages of this bull market?

Typically, bitcoin has had clear 4-year market cycles based around the halving; however, some people think this time may differ. 

In 2017, it was mainly a retail-driven bull market, with few institutions investing in bitcoin. Still, now with institutions following MicroStrategy’s move, the market has matured, and we have big money investors buying up every dip. So, is this enough to prevent us from ever seeing an 80% drawdown again? Are we amid a supercycle?

In this interview, I talk to American HODL & BitcoinTINA. We discuss the current market conditions, if we are in a supercycle, and Hodl and I bet another bitcoin, this time on whether the price reaches $300k in 2021.