Bitcoin HODL FOMO with Brady Swenson

Location: Remotely
Date: Monday 5th April
Company: Swan Bitcoin
Role: Head of Education

The current bitcoin bull market has been unlike any before. While retail traders have led previous rallies with speculators looking for short term gains vs fiat, this time, institutions are here and buying vast amounts of bitcoin, and many have no intention of selling.

The macro conditions this time around are entirely different. Bitcoin investing is no longer a speculative bubble, rather a rational response to the debasement of fiat currencies at an accelerating rate. Investors are looking for a store of value to protect their money from losing purchasing power. 

Bitcoin buyers and HODLers are not just looking at bitcoin as a way of making money, but truly seeing it for what it is, a hedge against inflation and the hardest money the world has ever known. 

This is the Bitcoin Renaissance.

In this interview, I talk to the Head of Education at Swan Bitcoin, Brady Swenson. We discuss the bitcoin bull market and HODL FOMO, the transitional period between fiat currency and bitcoin and how the future role of state and government will change.