Bitcoin ETFs Unlock a Wall of Money with Steven McClurg & Jeff Kilburg

Location: Remotely
Date: Tuesday 20th April
Company: Valkyrie
Role: CIO, Partner

Since the Winklevoss applied for the first Bitcoin ETF in 2013, many Bitcoin ETFs have been filed and rejected. Since then, the Bitcoin market has matured, and with every rejection, those applying for ETFs gain more clarity on how one could eventually be approved. 

While there have been successful filings of ETFs in Canada and Brazil, these are smaller markets, and an ETF in the US would be a game-changer. With a growing number of applications piling up and more and more of the SEC’s objections becoming resolved, it seems inevitable that a US ETF will be approved.

A Bitcoin ETF would unlock access and liquidity for a massive pool of individuals, pensions, and other institutions that are stuck waiting on the sidelines and offer an option to those who want to remain in the traditional financial rails but gain exposure to bitcoin. 

The traditional investment world utilizes the security and established plumbing surrounding ETF vehicles to connect assets with IRAs, 401Ks, and even larger structures like endowment funds.

In this episode, I talk to Steven McClurg and Jeff Kilburg from Valkyrie. We discuss why Bitcoin ETFs are a game-changer, pent up institutional demand, and how soon they are coming.