Amazon recruits ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ developers for its new game studio

Making games has proven to be a difficult challenge for Amazon. It has canned some projects and delayed others. But the company is seemingly in this for the long haul — it’s opening a fourth development studio.

Amazon says the Montreal studio will make original AAA games. It recruited several key members of the team behind Rainbow Six Siege to lead the studio, including Luc Bouchard (head of production), Xavier Marquis (creative director), Alexandre Remy (head of product) and Romain Rimokh (content director). Amazon’s clearly hoping they can repeat the success of Ubisoft’s tactical shooter, which has pulled in more than 70 million players.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the studio’s first project is an original online multiplayer game. Amazon hasn’t revealed many details, but Marquis said in a statement the team has “the creative freedom to create a completely unique experience in the multiplayer space.”

The Montreal outlet joins other studios in Seattle, Orange County and San Diego. Amazon Games has several titles in the pipeline, including New World, which is scheduled to come out in August, and a Lord of the Rings MMO.