6 Tech Marketing Trends You Can’t Miss In 2021

We have witnessed the importance of technology for businesses during the pandemic; it became an essential tool for business growth. We have also seen how brands are using it to improve their customer experience. Now is a fantastic time to look forward to the top tech marketing trends happening in 2021.

1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has paved its way in all forms of business. Retail businesses using artificial intelligence has evolved continuously in further innovating business technologies. Cloud-based POS systems have been core examples of artificial intelligence in the domain of retail marketing. AI will be further used in enhanced product marketing with integrated retail features of pricing strategies. It also drives improved supply chain management and automated inventory management through point of sales technology.

Another aspect of artificial intelligence included in the new innovation is the improved voice product search. It will surely help customers shop online rather than the traditional way of visiting the store to make purchases. The use of AI in retail marketing has spanned well in terms of the betterment of retail business management. The stock and resource management has been better with all automated options. In addition, product delivery accuracy to customers has been improved.

In retail businesses, the payments and assessment methods supported by artificial intelligence are a great addition for the retailers; this helps them make effective decisions that are important for the business’s growth. The introduction of such features has reduced the margin of error and increased efficiency in operations.

2. Programmatic Advertising

Programming advertising is termed as the enhancement of digital content from the web to optimize campaigns. The main objective behind programmatic advertisements is to replace human negotiation dialogue with AI and machine learning optimization. In the coming years, programmatic advertising will take over the marketing landscapes on the web.

Programming advertising is the new innovation in the field of marketing because of its more outstanding targeting capabilities. It allows marketers and advertisers to directly target/reach the customers for their product. This happens through geolocation targeting and the simple method of keyword usage.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots will be a significant piece of computerized advertising in 2021, placing them on our list of tech marketing trends. They are the virtual assistance providers to customers visiting the website. According to a survey, 53% of customers visiting the website use chatbot assistance for product-related information or making purchases. The purpose of a chatbot is to provide information to potential customers and market products to website visitors.

One of the primary goals of chatbots is to generate new sales leads by assisting customers with product information.

4. Conversational Marketing

Moving from chatbots and digital communications, the marketing trend that will significantly impact the coming year is conversational marketing. It is the direct and fast method of communicating with the clients to facilitate them about the services. This kind of marketing technique is reliable because it allows the customers to directly communicate with the principal without going into any procedural form submission or answering the chatbot’s questions.

One of the advantages of using this marketing tool by businesses is to improve customer relationships with the brand. Direct communication helps in building a better relationship with the customers. It helps retailers understand their needs better than the digital channel.

5. Video Marketing

Another great way of marketing the brand is through visuals or video marketing. In this fast-paced environment, people have no time for any formal communication or any descriptive writings; video marketing provides information with an enhanced visual representation that is more understandable and attracts the viewer. According to research, the information represented through videos is more effective in terms of marketing a brand. From the business point of view, video marketing is a good technique in generating conversion rates to the websites. Plus, video links shared across the channel can increase visits to your website.

6. Social Messaging Apps

If we are to assess the number of active users over social media messaging applications, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger combined have a user base of more than 2.5 billion. On a monthly average, 60 billion messages are exchanged over these two platforms.  The above statistics reflect how much people are giving importance to these platforms for exchanging information. These social media messaging platforms provide a golden opportunity for retail businesses to generate new leads.

Using these platforms businesses can directly connect with potential customers and improve their customer experience by virtually providing one-to-one assistance. Whatsapp for business is the perfect example where companies are showcasing their product using catalogue options and personalized greeting messages to connect with the customer more personally.

This year, we will witness some new top tech marketing trends or improvement in the existing ones. This is because most businesses will be using digital platforms to attract more customers for success. There will be some additional features in the existing trends; this will change the traditional way the businesses are conducted nowadays.

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