10 Video Content Ideas Your Audience Wants to Watch

Video is everything. 90% of consumers now watch online videos, effectively outperforming vlogs (51%) and podcasts (41%). It plays a part in their purchase decisions and attitude. This emerging marketing campaign also helps you drive brand awareness and ultimately shape up your online reputation. It is never too late to begin making videos and using them for your campaigns. Brands now have an assortment of videos to make. Today, we are going to discuss some of the most creative video content ideas for your company. Videos that your consumers will actually enjoy watching. At the same time, we’ll show you the various resources you can use to make corporate videos.

Video Content Ideas for Brands

Break free from commonplace videos that only bore your audience. The ideas you’ll find down below are great for different brands ranging from HR, education, and communication as well.

1. Live Videos

Live streams are great for brand events, announcements, or live tutorials. This type of content drives real-time engagement, which is basically liquid gold for making connections with the audience. Apart from this, the live stream footage can also be repurposed into other content in the future content.

2. Data

Whether it’s about customer satisfaction, trends, or market insights, it helps present this in a video format. This is a quick way to educate your audience about current events and build a more authoritative voice. You want to keep it short as this will help your audience to digest information faster.

3. Behind the Scenes

Daily operations can be interesting, too. You can use this to show your audience what you do in the office or manufacturing plant, sort of like a short peek at how you create your products or manage your services.

4. Giveaways

This is a good way for you to cultivate brand awareness and loyalty. You can use videos to make eye-catching announcements for events like this. It helps engage people and encourages them to share your posts and spread the word about your brand.

5. Before and After

This type of video applies to a wide variety of brands. It’s great for gardening, landscaping, cleaning products, skincare goods, you name it. A video may help quell the speculation of consumers regarding manipulated images. This way, you can really demonstrate the advantages of your product by interacting with it.

6. FAQs

You can make your page of chunky text more entertaining using videos. While it is vital for you to still keep the FAQ page on your website, a video helps improve it. Having a video version gives your users the option to read or watch your explainer. Remember to keep answers short and concise to avoid confusion. It also helps to organize your FAQ videos into a playlist to help users access them in a single place.

7. Testimonials

Got a happy customer? Try asking them for a video interview detailing their experience with your product or service. Featuring their genuine thoughts and tone makes for authentic social proof.

8. Q+A

This works a dual purpose. It engages them by allowing them to ask questions and, at the same time, helps build buzz for the actual Q+A event. Platforms such as Quora and Instagram are excellent for gathering questions that you can discuss in your event. Once you’re happy with the number of questions you have sourced, you may now use those in your actual event.

9. How-To Videos

No matter how easy to use your product may be, it always helps to have resources ready for consumers who may encounter challenges in operating or using your product. This is also a good time for you to show them how to best take care of your goods, thereby preventing damage and improving the overall user experience.

For this type of video, it also helps to share tips. This is another way to showcase your expertise and mastery of your products. Share what your consumers can do to improve their experience with your products or practice.

10. Rehash Old Content

If you have created content such as articles or infographics in the past, you can give them new life by repurposing them into videos. Transform it into a video using stock clips or simple animation.

Working with in-house design teams is a common practice for established brands with a hefty marketing budget. However, brands that do not have a dedicated team yet have some tricks to pull out their sleeves.

Discover some of the tools that you can use to whip up a professional video by yourself:

  • Doodly: The tool lets you operate a drag-and-drop doodle video maker. Users can make different types of videos like whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board videos with no limit. The platform uses Doodly Smart Draw technology, allowing users to upload images for an instant render. It works with both Windows and Mac devices.
  • Powtoon – For brands looking to make videos and animations, the British video creation tool offers a library of different cartoons that you can use in your video. It categorizes templates according to industries, events, and the like.
  • RendrFX – Working as a plug-and-play maker, RendrFX empowers brands with videos from an artist marketplace. Brands can utilize this for ads, slide shows, and editing video clips into a single video.

The Bottom Line

We have seen some of the most exemplary clips from big brands. This includes Dollar Shave Club’s Our Blades Are F***ing Great and GoPro’s Fireman Saves Kitten. You can carry out an equally compelling video campaign by keeping what you’ve learned from this article in mind.

These video content ideas for your business can genuinely work wonders not just for your brand but for your SEO and conversion rates as well.

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